The Messenger

Malachi Davidson
Junior Phenom
Class of 2015

"I differ from other players because of my ball handling. I can create off of the dribble and penetrate the lane against any defender."-MD

Davidson exhibits a composite ball handling prowess that separates him far beyond his cohort and playing level. His skilled handle coupled with his athleticism, explosiveness, and court vision create playmaking opportunities that any team as well as any level of the game will be able to capatalize.

Although just a '97 birth year, coming off of the Plano East Sophomore team and a Newcomer of the Year honor as a freshman, Davidson will prove in 2013 his leadership both on and off of the court as he faces the challenge of a lead point guard role his last two years at Super 5A Plano East.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Working with the Best

Some athletes may not know what it is like to grow up with two parents that played the game professionally, but I do. I may not always show how appreciative I am about having a Mom and Dad to have built my foundation, but each say I strive to get better at understanding what that means. Growing up in the gym with them and now the pressure of going out and meeting those expectations is great, but I realize that  it was no different for them both on and off the court.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Continuous Lab Work with Red #Shot Doctoring

The two areas of my game I know that I must improve on and not wait for the season to be over are : my Jump shot mechanics / consistency & Vocability on help defense